Cure Your Hair Loss with the Best Treatment

Statistics tell us that many men will experience hair loss by the time they are 35 years of age, and it only continues as you age. If you are one of the 66 percent of men that experiences hair loss according to ABC news, you may be interested in finding out what some of the leading hair loss remedies are right now. If you want to cure your hair loss in a non invasive and natural way or you are looking for some all new cutting edge technology, you might find one of these treatments appealing.

The Latest in Hair Loss Treatment

One of the most interesting new technologies for treating hair loss involves 3 dimensional spheroids that are grown in the lab. So far, this has only been tested on mice, but by culturing hair taken from test subjects in the lab and then turning them over, it agitates the hairs and encourages new growth. When these little clumps of hair are grafted onto the test mice, they have show evidence of encouraging all new growth in the area where they are placed.

According to WebMD, stem cells are increasingly successful for helping to cure hair loss in mice, thanks to new research that proves a previously inaccessible part of the hair follicle can now be used to help generate hair growth. The cells, known as epithelial stem cells, are difficult to access and they were the stumbling block to proper stem cell generated hair growth in previous experiments. This recent ability to create and use measurable portions of usable epithelial stem cells means that a scientific cure for baldness is one step closer.

According to recent news from the Perelman School of Medicine, hair loss treatment is something that may not be possible right now but it is coming ever closer. Sometimes, people find a lot of success with natural hair loss treatments but a natural treatment may someday work together with a science based solution to genuinely give men who suffer from hair loss a whole new head of healthy hair. At the Perelman School of Medicine, skin cells that are natural to the human body, known as dermal fibroblasts, are injected with some epithelial stem cells, thereby changing the cells into the type of cell they need to be in order to generate new hair growth. The dermal fibroblasts are particularly well suited to this type of experimentation due to the fact that these cells can morph into any other type of cell in the body.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments

While you may not be able to cure your hair loss with a natural treatment such as a shampoo or supplement, natural treatments are most certainly able to effectively treat the symptoms of hair loss and in many cases stimulate regrowth.

 The Best Hair Loss Treatment

Natural treatment is proven to be effective for most people and these products are generally free of side effects, unlike some prescription treatments which can have serious side effects. Due to this, doing it naturally remains the most popular option for treating hair loss. is the place to go to find the best natural treatments available right now.

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